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The next season has great potential for our team, Light S Racing have plans to improve our racing style and finishing positions. The most important of this is changing our engine. Over the last few years we have been racing a Rotax 503 light aircraft engine in the team’s lead hovercraft, we are moving to a 4 stroke motocross engine this year that should improve performance. We will be racing a Eagle hull again modified by Darren for racing. Darren has some more upgrades planned for the 2015 craft that should make the hull more stable and increase usable thrust. This new craft will power Jonathan in Formula Junior and Darren in Formula 3.

Meet Our Team

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Darren Stevens
Engineer / Driver
I first became interest in hovercraft at school when I designed a radio controlled hovercraft for my technology project. My career led to more conventional transport and I worked on car and aircraft aerodynamics. I current manage an engineering design team and workshop. At the 2010 World Championship I was inspired to get involved, mainly by the friendliness of the competitors who took time to talk to me whilst we watched the drama of the racing unfold. I setup Northamptonshire Hovercraft Club in 2012 and ran two clubs at local schools that gave the opportunity for a number of under 16 years to get involved in Hovercrafting. Some of these went onto race in the British Championship at Towcester. Unfortunately due to noise complaints the clubs stopped. This gave me more time to concentrate on racing and have been developing new component for our current racing hovercraft. I still am involved with youth groups and support our local Scout groups with demonstrations and rides.
Jonathan Stevens
Sponsorship & Events organizer / Driver
At the age of 11 my dad took me to see the Hovercraft World Championships at Towcester. This inspired us to look into getting the Northamptonshire Hovercraft Club started. In 2012 I started racing as part of Light S Racing. This was the first time we would see our Rotax 447 powered craft in a race, over the season we had problems, but also achieved great results. I was 4th in the British Hovercraft Championship Formula Junior in my first season. I changed my craft to a Rotax 503 powered craft for the World Hovercraft Championship in Germany and achieved 7th.  In 2013 I got 5th in Formula Junior and kept up with the improving competitors, while keeping new competitors behind me.  In 2014 I achieved my most spectacular crash by nose diving the hovercraft on the exit of Claydon House lake and exiting the hovercraft face first into the mud. 2014 also saw me get back up to 4th in Formula Junior, could have been better if the engine had not played up in the second half of the season..
Katherine Stevens
In 2013 Katherine Stevens started racing who claimed 7th in the championship using a Rotax 447 engine, should have been 6th but came in the paddock a lap early on the last race of the season. In 2014 Katherine improved to 5th in her 447.
Rebecca Stevens
Sadly, there is currently no information about Rebecca Stevens.

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